Adoption of the draft implementing decree relating to the law on quarries.


On November 23, 2017, the Government council adopted the decree No. 2-17-369 implementing law No. 27-13 relating to quarrying which entered into force in July 2015.

The decree consisting of 41 articles includes several provisions defining the terms and conditions of implementation of the law and plans to:

  • Set the terms and conditions for the preparation and adoption of the draft quarry management plan;
  • Organize and structure quarry activities transparently from the delineation of the sites until the end of the activities;
  • Adopt a declaration of operation system;
  • Define the financial guarantees to be submitted by the operator to ensure the partial or complete redevelopment of the deposit;
  • Define the procedures for establishing infringements.

The decree regulates also the control of the contribution to the protection of the environment and defines the terms for updating the environmental impact study which is now mandatory for any operator under law No. 27-13.

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