We share our international expertise with our clients.

Project Finance

Hajji & Associés has developed a high level expertise and know how by acting as a local council of public and private International Financial Institutions particularly on financial transactions in several areas, such as Tourism, Energy, Maritime & Port activities and Telecommunications. Financing the acquisition of aircrafts by Moroccan airlines is one of the key areas of specialization of the Hajji & Associés, which acts as a permanent local council for the major companies specializing in aviation finance. Hajji Amin is also the author of a doctoral thesis on the topic of aircraft finance in the Arab countries, which is under publication.

Capital and Financial Markets

Practically, Hajji & Associés assists its clients with respect to international banking and financial transactions with a complete “security package”. The firm also usually assists its clients in respect of traditional bank financing, Bond issuing and securities trading in Casablanca’s Stock Exchange. The firm has also a reliable experience in credit derivatives and derivatives’ techniques traded OTC and, generally, on regulated markets. Besides, many International Law firms and International financial Institutions regularly request the firm’ s services on legal and regulatory aspects of capital and financial markets in Morocco

Tourism and Hotel Industry

Hajji & Associés has especially developed a particular know how relating to the implementation of projects in the tourism and resort sector. The range of services provided by the firm also covers real estate aspects of related on land acquisition, construction contracts and lots marketing, partnerships with local promoters, several contracts for hotel management and other related services. Furthermore, Hajji & Associés often assists its clients with respect of arrangements for off-plan sales of leisure plants and « riads » before completion were made between foreign developers and international clients.

Business restructuring

Hajji & Associés usually regularly intervenes in intercompany transactions /restructuring such as mergers & acquisitions, joint venture, and corporate restructuring (partial or total transfer of assets for example). The provided services especially include legal due diligences and drafting of the appropriate documentation both in French and English languages. Besides, the firm ensures legal follow-up including regarding corporate services in respect of board of directors’ or shareholders’ meetings.

Economic Law and Public/Private Business Partnership

Hajji & Associés advises its clients on issues relating to competition law in particular as a result of economic mergers. The firm advised in multiple concession projects or delegated management of public services between the Moroccan public sector and foreign private sector such as town public lighting, distribution of water and electricity or maritime container port and household waste treatment.


Hajji & Associés advises many North/South American as well as Asian operators in the negotiation of oil exploration and concession contracts of, or oil shale exploration in Morocco. The firm’s lawyers were also involved in recent construction energy plants project financings such as thermic ones, wind farms and solar plants.

Intellectual Property

The increase of anti-competitive practices in the Moroccan markets has been accompanied with the increase of industrial property disputes with respect to the protection of copyright and related rights . Hajji & Associés advises and assists its customers in main areas of Intellectual Property rights particularly with regard to patents, brands, drawings and models, copyright and unfair competition. Furthermore, the firm provides services in respect the registration and the renewal of IP rights with Moroccan relevant authorities.

Cyber Law and Telecommunications

Hajji & Associés is specialized in assisting in electronic trade, digital confidence, cybercrime as well as the protection of personal data. On several occasions, the firm’s lawyers intervened on behalf of European telecommunication operators or of operators from countries of the Persian Gulf in tender operations for several types of telecommunications licenses issued on the Moroccan market.

Sectorial Studies

Hajji & Associés periodically undertakes studies in respect of strategic legal issues in Morocco on behalf of renowned institutions such as World Bank or the prestigious American University Harvard.

Mediation and Arbitration

The firm litigation lawyers represent clients in some national or international business disputes as a counselor or arbitrator. Besides, the services also extend to possible solutions which could prevent litigations or resolve them by mutual agreement.


Hajji & Associés also assists companies for the implementation of insolvency proceedings (procedure de traitement des difficulties de l’entreprise) whether in respect of reorganization or liquidation procedures.

Corporate Law

The firm intervenes as a counselor and it represents legal entities and their managers before Moroccan criminal courts if necessary. Litigations between partners are also handled before judicial and arbitral courts.

Business Criminal Law

The firm intervenes as a counselor and it represents companies and their managers before Moroccan criminal courts when necessary. The firm also handled litigations between companies partners before judicial and arbitral courts.

Social Law

Hajji & Associés lawyers provide high level legal services in respect of social litigations which are resolved through judiciary process, arbitral process or through conciliation before the local administration in charge of employment affairs.

Commercial Law

Commercial litigation is the first main area of Hajji & Associés activities before Moroccan courts. The main litigations deal with the implementation of contractual liability, unfair competition claims, the protection of intellectual and industrial property rights and debt collection.

Tax Law

Hajji & Associés developed a considerable experience with regard to international taxation pertaining to foreign in The firm collaborates with tax specialists firms for tax planning operations and companies’ of tax audit. Moreover, the firm advises and represents many clients in litigation with tax authorities. vestment operations achieved in Morocco. The firm collaborates with tax specialists firms for tax planning operations and companies’ of tax audit. Moreover, the firm advises and represents many clients in litigation with tax authorities.